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Where's My package?

Thank you so much for your overwhelming support this past holiday season (over the past year for that matter!). We are so grateful for this community of customers.

As you may know, this busier than normal holiday season put a strain on shipping services. Like you, we are at the peril of the USPS and other delivery services and only have access to the same tracking information that we've provided you.

We are still in a pandemic and it has been well documented by USPS, UPS. Fedex, DHL and the news & media how delayed packages are this holiday season and beyond. If you received an email with a tracking number, it has been picked up by the mail carrier! Once packages are in the possession of the carriers, we have no control (or say for that matter) on how quickly you'll receive your package. Just because tracking hasn't updated your package is not lost.

Before you contact us, please know we tried our best and we are equally as frustrated as you are that your goods haven't arrived on time! We appreciate your kindness, patience, and understanding!