Wow! Protein Donuts: Low Calorie

130 Calories, 11g Protein, 13g Net Carbs, 5g Sugar High in protein, low in sugar: Wow! Protein Donuts are bringing joy to mindful eating by making delicious treats with a strong mix of macros, that are accessible, healthy, and fun. The perfect filling, delicious and good for your treat. 11G PROTEIN PER DONUT: Only 10-13g of Net Carbs, our donuts are great on the go or as a meal replacement. 5g OF SUGAR OR LESS: Barely any sugar. We're talking 5g or less. Per donut. Not half a donut. Not a bite of donut. You can eat the whole darn donut. 130 CALORIES OR LESS PER DONUT: Grab these healthy donuts for your next adventure. Our protein donuts are an excellent healthy alternative snack for your in between meals or on the go.

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