Wild Lather Soap

Lather up + breathe deeply


Wild Lather's small batch, cold-pressed soaps are handcrafted and air-cured for one month. This time-honored method means triangles may vary in look. Please allow your soap to fully dry in between uses for a longer life span

Use for full-body bathing, shaving, face wash, shampoo, sustainable travel, and more. We also recommend keeping among your clothing or linens before use. Everyone will want to smell you ♡


Call Me By Your Name

Layers of sweet, juicy citrus will energize while a touch of smoky vetiver grounds. Made with gently exfoliating pink kaolin clay and steam-distilled essential oils of organic bergamot, organic sweet orange, organic petitgrain, and earthy vetiver

12 Apostles
Sweet and floral soap with steam-distilled essential oils of wild lavenderorganic bergamot, bright, organic lemon, and a touch of organic geranium. Breathe deeply

Tokyo Roast
Inspired by the scent of Tokyo's micro roasteries drifting onto winter chilled streets, our most exfoliating triangle will stimulate and soften the skin with freshly ground coffee beans and organic cold pressed coffee bean oil. Organic peppermint essential oil cools and creates a scent reminiscent of iced espresso, crushed cacao bean, and fresh mint leaf



Vegan | Palm-Free | Cruelty-Free


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