The Wolfpack // Wild Wild Midwest Tee


people tend to think of the midwest as a mild place, but you know better. show your pride for the wild countryside known as the midwest with this wolfpack original.

screen printed on a 100% american grown cotton shirt - no synthetics in this baby.

what's the benefit of a cotton shirt? cotton is a natural plant based fiber, meaning at the end life of this shirt, if it eventually ends up in the trash, it will break down and return to the earth much more swiftly than synthetic fibers. for example, polyester can take 200 years to break down (yikes!)

pre-washed to minimize shrinkage. (we still recommend air drying any cotton clothing to avoid shrinking in the dryer.) made in a SMETA certified facility.

screen printed cincinnati by SRO Prints. SRO Prints is a woman owned business that provides employment to at risk women and men recovering from drug addiction. they develop and mentor them to become professional business talent, which empowers their employees to become fiscally responsible leaders in their communities.

this is a unisex cut. sideseamed. shoulder taping.

the man in the first photo is wearing an XLarge and is 6'4".


Only 1 piece in stock!

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