Diamond Moon Perfume Oil

The perfect skin scent... DIAMOND MOON is my ode to the perfect skin scent that I can never seem to find. It’s warm, spicy and sweet - just like you. It warms up slowly then evolves as you become intimate with it - just like you. Musks, Ambers + a touch of Tahitian Vanilla Bean to add just a hint of sweetness... You will find that this scent smells different to you on a daily basis - I like to think of it as a mood ring of sorts! Prepare to fall in love. The Gem Magic is Angel Aura - This crystal is made by plating Clear Quartz at high temperatures with platinum and silver - It is truly magical. Angel Aura infuses this perfume with positivity, beauty and authenticity. And of course a sprinkling of gold glitter for good measure… Keywords for this scent - Sensual Inviting Skin Packaged in a 5ml glass roller bottle.

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