Océanne is a line of minimalist modern jewelry by French designer Anne Harrill. Established in 2006, Océanne started growing a following in Cleveland, OH and slowly expanded to apparel and home goods. Outgrowing her spare bedroom, then her first studio, she opened her storefront in 2017, with the help of a team of amazing creative women.

With an aesthetic that merges both the maker utility of the rustbelt and the enduring beauty of French design, Océanne is a tribute to Anne’s childhood in France and her journey to the American Midwest.

Inspired by life’s small pleasures and made for your everyday, each piece is designed with a focus on craftsmanship, comfort and functional beauty.  Geometric and minimalist metalworking, minerals, stones and conversational phrases are elements in our designs. With great attention to detail, each piece is made by hand using traditional techniques such as forging, stamping, filing, torching and assembling vintage and curated materials.

All jewelry is handmade in our Cleveland studio. Custom pieces made to order.