POSITION: Jewelry Studio and Boutique Manager
REPORTS TO: Founder, Owner & Lead Designer

How to Apply: Fill Out Application on Indeed.com


$45,000 - $75,000 (Depends on Experience)


The Jewelry Studio and Boutique Manager helps build and lead a strong jewelry making team to make quality jewelry in the Océanne Jewelry Studio and sales team to service customers in the Océanne Boutique. He/she/they maximize efficiency and team work through clear workflows and consistent upkeep. The space, supplies and products are organized. The team is motivated to offer Océanne’s unique experience to the community. 

Essential Functions 

Success in this position will be demonstrated in the following areas of job performance:

Manage the Sales Team + Jewelry Maker Team

  • Hire full time, part time, seasonal team members and sub-contractors to fill demand, solve problems and give customers the best experience possible.
  • Help establish clear procedures, efficient workflows, team member expectations and goals.
  • Train the team members on these procedures, workflows and expectations while nurturing our culture of care and quality.
  • Meet with team members on a regular basis to keep them motivated and accountable to sales, production, quality and customer satisfaction goals.
  • Schedule team members to cover all store hours, production, workshop and event needs.
  • Ensure all wholesale and retail orders are filled accurately and on-time.
  • Ensure the space stays beautiful and ready for customers at all times.

Manage Jewelry, Apparel and Accessories Inventory

  • Order proper levels of jewelry supplies for the jewelry team to meet sales projections.
  • Keep all jewelry making supplies organized and inventory up to date.
  • Ensure the jewelry making team is producing jewelry on time and up to quality standards.
  • Ensure that all jewelry is tagged and transitioned into inventory correctly. 
  • Order proper levels of printed apparel and accessories from vendors to meet sales projections.
  • Keep all products for sale organized and inventory up to date.
  • Print reports that will help guide sales projections and new product decisions.
  • Ensure all new products are added to Shopify web store/inventory properly.

Manage Workshops + Events

  • Book teaching artists, support staff.
  • Provide clear systems for customers to register and plan their special events.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Meet with Lead Designer and Marketing regularly to grow Oceanne and its community impact. 
  • Handle all space, software, heat, electricity, alarm system improvements and malfunctions.


  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • 3-5 years retail experience, including merchandising, floor, and people management
  • Demonstrated commitment and passion to the community. 
  • Strong experience and savvy with spreadsheets and inventory back end, like Shopify.
  • Believes in Océanne’s Core Values (see here)


In addition to the qualifications identified, this position requires skills in:

  • Relationship Building - Builds and maintains effective relationships with all stakeholders: team members and customers.
  • Detail Oriented - Creates and follows clear systems of organization down to the small details. 
  • Clear Communicator - Easily communicates with team members including the ability to work through disagreements and get to real solutions.