“I’m inspired by the everyday—a word from a friend, fresh fruit at the market, or the way my daughter wakes me with a smile and “Maman” in the morning.”

Bonjour!  My name is Anne. I spend my days as a wife, mother, jewelry designer, friend, daughter, sister and entrepreneur. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, a French accent and a mild addiction to cooking. I was born in France to my mother who is the child of two Italian immigrants, and my father who is from the exotic French Island of Ile de la Réunion a tropical place with blue-green lagoons and volcanic mountains. I inherited a love of cooking from my Italian side and a love of nature from both. Growing up, our lives revolved around the land. We picked olives before Christmas, planted gardens in the spring, canned jams in summer and hunted for mushrooms in the fall.

Love brought me to the new world in 2002. I moved to America to marry my now husband, Turntablist and Founder of Fresh Camp Doc Harrill, and left the rolling hills of the French countryside for the urban center of Cleveland, Ohio. Needless to say, it was a big adjustment. 

In Jewelry, I found my voice and made America my home.

I believe life’s beauty can often be found in everyday pleasures, like sharing coffee with a friend, the flavor of raspberries in season, or the way the right hint of gold on your wrist can give the day a whole new perspective.  It is my hope, that as it has with mine, Océanne helps you celebrate the big and small moments of your life and reflects your story with each piece you wear or share.