Hello Friends,

First of all, I am so so grateful for each one of you!! I am so blown away by the outpouring of support we have received the past few weeks! I can't even explain how each order, each note of encouragement, prayers, and support have meant to me and my team! These past weeks have been hard for so many of us! Things have been cancelled and delayed, workshops are being rescheduled, the store and studio are closed...our happy place is being disrupted. Oh and we also started to home-school our kids!

Most of us are struggling to find a balance. The need to be structured and productive and the need to just be in the moment with our family and enjoy the new pace. I want to be strong for my kids, for my team, and honestly, it’s freaking hard. The unknown and the loss of our sense of control - it feels like the weight of the world is on all of the small business owners.

And even though I struggle to write anything right now, it feels good to connect and to check in with you. Connecting (from a distance) with this community of amazing people I have been lucky enough to find is giving me hope and keeping me going.

My team and I have been going back and forth on how to keep things viable. I know that jewelry is a luxury item that many people can’t even think about right now. How do we keep talking about jewelry when our world is turned upside down? That said, I know that jewelry is an important part of self expression and that creating art and finding beauty matter, especially in times of crisis. So I am choosing to continue to share my passion with you because not only it is what helps me stay sane, I hope it will also give a glimpse of hope and beauty in your day.

So if you’re in a place to shop, have the ability to support small businesses, and have had your eye on anything here, we are offering a 10% or 20% discount online with the code gonnabeok10 or gonnabeok20.

I hope you are finding ways to continue doing the things that make you feel whole.

With gratitude and love,